Sunglasses – the truth behind tinted lenses.

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It’s summer, time for sunshine and the beach, just don´t forget to bring your sunglasses!

What you didn’t know about the sun
During summer, many people suffer from watery, itchy eyes. The reason for this? Too much solar radiation – your eyes can get sunburned! Your eyes need protection from UV rays, just like your skin does.

Sunglasses with UV-Protection
Your eyes need optimal sun protection, because they cannot protect themselves from invisible and strong UV rays. When spending too much time in the sun without sunglasses, UV rays may cause chronic damage to the cornea and conjunctiva. People with sensitive eyes, like children, should wear sunglasses during summer.

Are your tinted lenses damaging your eyes?
Don´t think of sunglasses as an accessory. Cheap glasses, without any protection, can actually do more harm than good! How? Dark, tinted glasses ensures the amount of light entering the eye decreases, causing the pupil to dilate meaning that more radiation hits your unprotected eyes. When buying a pair of sunglasses, always check that they are UV protected. We recommend special sunglass lenses with UV-400 protection, for summer.

Don´t be blinded by the sunlight
Did you know that the colour of your lenses has nothing to do with UV protection? The colour of the lenses and the intensity of the tint determines the glare protection of your sunglasses. Thus, the more intense the tint, the better the glare protection. So when are looking for a new pair of sunglasses, pay attention to the tinted lenses in addition to the guaranteed UV protection. Ideal sun protection glasses for sunny countries are tinted lenses with a glare protection of 75%!

Your Choice – Our Mission
Your optician will be happy to advise you on glare and UV protection. Regardless of which brand you choose, Berger Wipes will make sure that your lenses will always be clean, no matter where you go!

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