Professional Road Cyclist know that it´s all in the equipment

May 17th, 2017 Posted by Cycling Glasses No Comment yet

Each cyclist knows that top performance can only be achieved with the best equipment. The perfect equipment obviously consists of a high quality racing bike, breathable clothing, comfortable shoes and the right cycling glasses. Why cycling glasses?

Cycling Glasses: Protection, Reaction and no reflection
During cycle races, high speeds are being achieved, which requires an enormous fast reaction. A perfect view on the track is a necessity and this is how the right sports glasses will contribute to a better performance. The best option for a cyclist is polarised lenses, which utilize the principle of light absorption. These glasses will reduce annoying reflections and glare effects, so that optimum visual comfort is ensured. Moreover cycling glasses will protect your eyes from harmful UV rays.

Fast & Easy Cleaning during a race
To ensure a top performance and reliably protect your eyes against wind, dirt, dust, insects and UV radiation, cycling glasses have to be cleaned before and sometimes during the races. With Berger Wipes you will get a product that will clean your sports glasses within seconds. They are extremely light, very small, easy to handle and individually wrapped. Whether during a training run or in a competition, Berger Wipes are your partner for a top performance. Try them and See the Results Clearly!

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