Does cleaning your screens really need to be THIS difficult?

July 6th, 2021 Posted by Berger Wipes No Comment yet

We all know by now that our computers and mobile screens are exposed to dust and germs all day. That’s why it’s really important for you to clean those surfaces regularly. I, Berger Wipes, am here to provide you with not only the easiest but the safest way to clean your screens,  whether you are at your desk or out and about. I am here to provide you with the number one wipe at your convenience.

I know we’ve all been in that situation where we need a quick fix to clean our screens…  and just grabbing a tissue or using our T-shirt sleeve is usually the easier choice… not to mention cleaning screens with soaps or water (BIG no-no!). Just because your screen appears clean, doesn’t mean it is… or safe either. These quick fixes contain harsh chemicals with thicker textures, which are extremely damaging to your screen, as they often cause abrasions. So, put away that water, harsh chemical products, and especially that tissue paper and your T-shirt sleeve… I have come all the way from Germany to give you the best of me,  which means you’ll never have to worry about causing damage to your screens while cleaning ever again! 

I am a pre-moistened microfine cellulose cloth, perfectly designed to ensure there is no damage to your screen throughout my use. My individually wrapped packaging makes it ideal for you when you’re on the go or sitting at your desk and need a quick fix cleaning solution. I offer your screens an exceptionally gentle cleaning, leaving no scratches or smears, oh and I am fast drying! Convenient, careful, and always clean, I’ve got you and your screens covered.

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